Why take casting lessons

Many people initially learn how to fly fish from a friend or relative - as I did originally. However the understanding of the basic mechanics of casting is needed to allow one to fish proficiently in all weather conditions.

Many are the times that I have heard the words "I am a crap caster but I catch plenty of fish".

Possibly this is true but surely if these people learnt how to cast well in all weather conditions they would cover more fish and they would therefore catch even more!

A qualified casting instructor will lead you through to proficiency (and beyond) quickly and painlessly and will also iron out any bad habits you may have acquired.


Private Tuition

Most people like to learn in private without an audience. I can teach single hand techniques on my own home casting pond for one hour sessions or more, or can travel further afield to meet my clients.

I teach double handed techniques (two hours minimum) on the river at home or on the River Wye at Gromain near Builth Wells or again to suit the client's wishes.

Whether you are a complete beginner at fly fishing, an experienced angler needing to improve your casting skills or an accomplished angler wishing to become a fly casting instructor I can certainly help.

Casting with Single Handed Rods


Tackle choice set up and safety, roll cast, basic overhead cast, changing direction, extending line, shooting line, and casting in wind. River and lake craft and basic entomology and leader set ups.


Side casts, single haul, double haul, distance casting, mending line, sunk line fishing and shooting heads.


Spey casting including single and double spey, snake roll, snap t and c casts. Tactical casts including parachute, Belgian casts wiggle casts and curve casts. Advanced uses of hauling techniques. Tuition and advice to potential instructors.

Casting with Double Handed Rods



Tackle choice, set up and safety. Roll casts, jump roll casts, single and double Spey from both left and right banks. Basic overhead casts and casting in windy conditions. Bait and spinning techniques, rivercraft and wading.


Improvement of all basic casting techniques. Improving distance, mending line and sunk line techniques.


Snake roll, Snap t and c casts. Distance spey casting, Skagit style casting and the use of shooting heads. Tuition and advice to potential instructors. I am very happy to address any casting fault which is of particular concern to a client the ethos being always to make all lessons enjoyable, flexible and fulfilling.

Tuition Fees

Single hand rods Per person:

lessons on my casting lake at home per hour £35 Two hour session £60 (Recommended)

For two rods: Single hand rod lessons at home for two hours £70

two handed rods

Lessons at home FOR BASIC SALMON CASTING Two hours minimum £60



Lessons on River Wye at Gromaine and Rectory beats:


Half day (4hours) £120


Full day (8 hours) £220

For two or more persons please contact me for a quote

Las Buitreras Casting

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